Tuesday 21 August 2018

During one transformative day, participants will expand their HR leadership skills in key areas while benefiting from the expertise of speakers from a wide variety of industries. This event will challenge your pre-conceptions and enhance your ability to lead and deliver effective change.


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Event partner welcoming address


Opening remarks from the Chairperson


PANEL: Reinventing the performance review – moving beyond tradition

Has the formal appraisal had its day? Explore alternatives to the traditional method, and examine the impact that coaching, development and feedback can have on employee culture.

  • What successful alternative performance review frameworks have been tried and tested?
  • How does a framework based on coaching, feedback and inclusive development impact employee culture?
  • How do you ensure that new performance review frameworks are fair, effective and legally defensible?


Growing strong leaders: What are the best leadership development methods?

Company success is reliant upon the people who lead the way, and it’s critical for HR professionals to accurately identify and develop the next generation of leaders. Which leadership development programs create the best outcomes?

  • How to work with managers to achieve better people outcomes
  • Building confidence to lead pragmatically without fear of bullying allegations
  • How to encourage leaders to acknowledge their own shortcomings
  • Succession planning – preparing for the organisation of tomorrow

Michael Friis – Managing Partner, The Performance Team

Sarah Friis – Managing Partner, The Performance Team


Morning tea


Roundtable workshops

TABLE ONE: Industrial relations and collective bargaining

  • Handling negotiation changes when a collective is in place
  • HR best practice when dealing with unions
  • Managing multi-party bargaining
  • What options do you have in the event of industrial action?

TABLE TWO: Flying solo – HR excellence for SMEs

  • Running successful HR programs with a limited budget
  • How can you compete with corporate brands to attract talent?
  • Challenging negative perceptions of HR
  • How can you keep the ‘family’ culture alive in a rapidly growing business?

TABLE THREE: Authentic leadership for HR directors

  • How to be an authentic HR leader
  • Communicating confidently with presence – making sure you are listened to and respected
  • The body language of leaders: Understanding unspoken communication
  • How to motivate colleagues effectively, have difficult conversations and inspire success




Event partner session: ELMO


SPONSORED: Employment law update: What you need to know

New legislation affecting employers has been top of the news in 2018. Make sure you are up to date in this mini legal masterclass.

  • Parental leave, annual leave implications
  • Minimum wage
  • Equal pay


PANEL: The future of HR in a world of disruptive technology

Advancing technology is enabling HR departments to streamline processes and reduce time-consuming administrative work. How will this affect the HR profession in New Zealand, and what does the future hold?

  • How will the rising gig economy affect talent attraction and retention?
  • Can technology improve employee diversity, close gender pay gaps and enhance health and safety?
  • Will areas of HR practice become obsolete with advancing technology?
  • How will technology affect the career path of junior HR professionals?


Afternoon tea


Revolutionising workplace mental health

As employee mental health and wellness gains significant focus, the onus is on employers to support their staff through difficult times. Can an innovative approach to this important issue foster culture change?

  • Lifting the mental health stigma
  • What are employer obligations for workplace mental health?
  • How can you avoid burnout before it occurs, and what red flags identify that an employee is becoming stressed?
  • Methods to measure mental health levels in the workplace
  • Supporting employees through mental health issues


Leading organisations through disruptive change

Correctly managed, disruptive change can foster progress and innovation, but how do you sensitively sway the heel-diggers in order to future-proof your company?

  • Which change management approaches work, and which are destined for failure?
  • Strategies to develop an innovative company culture
  • Strategies to develop an innovative company culture
  • How to measure success throughout the change process


Conference concludes