ELMO is the leading cloud HR and payroll software provider across Australia and New Zealand, offering you one vendor, one dashboard and one user experience. We are the fastest growing HR Tech company in the region.  Our integrated cloud HR & payroll solution is designed, developed, hosted and supported within Australia and New Zealand, allowing us the agility to better respond to our customer’s needs.




Synchrony Global enables HR leaders to discover their digital workforce potential by making the leading out-of-the-box HCM solution SAP SuccessFactors accessible in a way that is rapid, scalable, and ready for fast and easy employee adoption. To find out more and request a demo, visit synchronyglobal.com.


Company contact info:

Nico Hadj-Blaha
Solution Director New Zealand
P: +64 24 523 6519
E: nico.hadj-blaha@synchronyglobal.com


Strategic Pay is New Zealand’s largest source of remuneration knowledge. Businesses rely on us to provide unmatched advice, innovation and information in strategic reward and performance development.


John McGill
E: info@strategicpay.co.nz
P: 09 303 4045

PreviewMe (www.previewme.co) is an emerging video recruitment platform that is tackling the growing and irreversible trend of using video in all aspects of the recruitment and opportunity marketing process.

Employers can publish roles and process candidates all from one place underpinned by video giving employers a better insight into more candidates in less time and taking the guess work out of interpreting paper CVs.

PreviewMe also lets candidates present their skills and capability to employers early in the recruitment process delivering a more transparent application experience, with automated job application feedback.

James Farquhar
Head of Scaling and Exposure
E: james@previewme.co
P: +64 274429218

QJumpers Recruitment software adapts to you, not the other way around. The INTUITIVE design makes it easy for your PEOPLE to CHOOSE THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

Dot Sorenson
Business Development Manager
E: dot@qjumpers.co.nz
P: 0800 758 673