2022 Agenda


New Zealand Standard Time (NZST)

9:05 am

Opening remarks from the Chairperson

Jane Parker

HRM and Employment Relations, School of Management, Massey University

9:15 am

Welcoming remarks from the Event Partner

Kenny Addison

Country Manager, ELMO Software

9:20 am

The Anti-Fragile HR: Leaders that Gain from Disorder

The changing conditions of hybrid work arrangements to attracting and retaining talent have been challenging, but many HR leaders have remained resilient, going above and beyond to support the business. In this session, Callum will share what it means to be a Catalyst HR leader today and how recent times have seen HR be elevated in status, while HR leaders have elevated their stress!

  • Key lessons on leading yourself and others in times of crisis
  • Remaining customer-focused when HR's 'customer' becomes everyone
  • Practicing authentic self-care
Callum McKirdy

Director, CallumMcKirdy.com

10:00 am

PANEL: The great resignation – How to retain top employees in the new world of work

Organisations are facing increased resignations in this competitive job market with skill shortages and changing employee expectations. In this session, hear how New Zealand’s leading companies are engaging and retaining their high-performing employees. 

  • Realigning company values with workplace culture  
  • Strategies to create an engaging employee experience in a hybrid environment  
  • Building a strong employee value proposition (EVP)  
  • Successful career development and progression opportunities  


Jane Parker

HRM and Employment Relations, School of Management, Massey University


Antony Hall

Head of People Experience, Auckland Transport

Annie Brown

Chief People Officer, Trade Me

Yu Dan Shi

APAC Principal Behavioural Scientist at CoachHub, Author & Executive Coach

Clare Parkes

People & Culture Director, Pacific, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

10:45 am
11:00 am

Under the Microscope: Rethinking Performance Management in 2022

Since the pandemic, the way organisations manage their people has changed. The rise of hybrid working has forced leaders to adopt new approaches to track and enhance performance – not forgetting how COVID-19 has impacted employee needs, engagement and productivity. The employee experience (EX) has changed, but have HR’s internal processes kept pace? This presentation will reveal:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted performance management
  • Why measuring contribution is more important than performance
  • The importance of offering personal goals, as well as professional goals
  • The advantages of moving to project-based performance review
  • How implementing total rewards can humanise review processes
Kenny Addison

Country Manager, ELMO Software

11:30 am
11:35 am

CASE STUDY: Driving measurable change across diversity, equality, and inclusion

Now more than ever before, diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) are important pillars to drive innovation and growth in a business, but how exactly do we achieve this transformation in the workplace, especially in a hybrid setting? Hear how Fonterra has embraced DEI across the organisation and developed strategies that go beyond the checklists.   

  • Developing company workplaces, products, and services to be more accessible and inclusive
  • Embedding flexible work options across the business  
  • Examples of successful hybrid activities to drive engagement in the company  
  • Creating a team of DEI champions to support the transformation  
Haylee Putaranui

Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Fonterra

12:10 pm
12:50 pm

PANEL: Wellbeing strategies for a future workforce 

Mental and physical wellbeing continues to be a top priority after prolonged periods of remote work and constant uncertainty. What strategies have been effective and what does wellbeing look like in the future? In this session, hear from various organisations on how they have supported their employees to bring their best selves to work.  

  • Navigating employee anxiety, stress, and burnout
  • How to drive the conversation on mental health across all levels of the organisation  
  • Examples of successful wellbeing initiatives on a budget  
  • Developing empathy and communication skills in middle managers  
  • How to measure, monitor and assess mental wellness in the workplace  


Angela Lim

CEO & Cofounder, Clearhead


Nicola Richardson

Chief People Officer, Genesis Energy

Roz Urbahn

Chief People Officer, Livestock Improvement Corporation

Vicki Caisley

Chief People & Strategy Officer, Southern Cross Health Society

Chris Boggs

Executive General Manager People & Strategy, TSB

1:40 pm

CASE STUDY: Redefining the employee experience

From a multigenerational workforce to changing employee expectations, creating a personalised employee experience has never been more important in today’s workplace. In this session, hear how Re-Leased has taken steps to create an inclusive and supportive employee experience that enables individuals to adapt and thrive at work.  

  • Leveraging technology to create accessible and flexible ways of working  
  • Prioritising employee mental and physical wellbeing   
  • Improving the physical office environment to create better working conditions  
  • Analysing data based on employee behaviours, preferences and trends  
Gabrielle Cutfield

Global Head of People & Operations, Re-Leased

2:15 pm

The Reinvention of Company Culture

For companies to attract, retain, and grow the talent that will bring them sustained success, they need to fine-tune their culture to meet the expectations of professionals to be seen as human beings first. During this session, we will share insights from leading talent professionals and reviewed proprietary LinkedIn data to address the following: 

  • How a caring culture has become the pivotal asset for companies worldwide
  • How rethinking when and where we work is building more equitable cultures
  • Why wellbeing is essential to nurture a healthy culture that is built on care and
David Bellas

Director, LinkedIn Talent Solutions Australia & New Zealand, LinkedIn

2:35 pm
2:45 pm

Change management strategies to adapt and thrive in uncertainty

From snap lockdowns to rapid digital transformation, the HR landscape is evolving and HR leaders play a pivotal role in delivering effective change management. In this session, Richard will discuss change management strategies to overcome disruption.  

  • Re-evaluating outdated change management processes 
  • Managing change as an ongoing process through adaptation and flexibility  
  • Identifying the latest set of skills and behaviours to be an effective change agent  
  • Creating a strong communication strategy  
  • Tips to encourage employee buy-in  
Richard Parker

Chief HR Officer, The Warehouse Group

3:20 pm

PANEL: Building the workforce of the future 

With HR steering the transformation of a future-ready workforce, how are organisations equipping employees with the skills they need to adapt in a changing world? In this session, panellists will share the steps they are taking to prepare their workforce with future skills.   

  • Identifying the required capabilities for the future 
  • Mapping out a digital workforce transformation  
  • Examples of job redesigns to adapt to changing roles  
  • Successful learning and development initiatives with measurable outcomes  
  • Preparing for a multigenerational shift in the workforce  
  • Improving onboarding processes for remote and global talent 


Jane Parker

HRM and Employment Relations, School of Management, Massey University


Craig Goldblatt

VP Partners & Alliances, Globalization Partners

Monica Ayers

Chief People Officer, New Zealand Post

Rachael Regan Paterson

General Manager - People & Performance, Fletcher Construction

4:05 pm
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