PANEL: Building the workforce of the future 

3:20 pm

With HR steering the transformation of a future-ready workforce, how are organisations equipping employees with the skills they need to adapt in a changing world? In this session, panellists will share the steps they are taking to prepare their workforce with future skills.   

  • Identifying the required capabilities for the future 
  • Mapping out a digital workforce transformation  
  • Examples of job redesigns to adapt to changing roles  
  • Successful learning and development initiatives with measurable outcomes  
  • Preparing for a multigenerational shift in the workforce  
  • Improving onboarding processes for remote and global talent 
  • Jane Parker
    Jane Parker

    HRM and Employment Relations, School of Management

    Massey University

  • Craig Goldblatt
    Craig Goldblatt

    VP Partners & Alliances

    Globalization Partners

  • Monica Ayers
    Monica Ayers

    Chief People Officer

    New Zealand Post

  • Rachael Regan Paterson
    Rachael Regan Paterson

    General Manager - People & Performance

    Fletcher Construction

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